Joan Bladé, Barcelona, Spain
Basic Science: Amyloid Fibril Formation, Deposition and Clearance
- Amyloid fibril structures using cryo EM and ssNMR
- Drivers of amyloid organ tropism and deposition
- Proteomics the diagnosis of AL and ATTR amyloidosis
- Proteotoxicity and organ damage
- Intrinsec mechanisms of amyloid tissue clearance
- Development of amyloid disruptors for ATTR amyloidosis
AL amyloidosis: Diagnosis and Management in 2020
- Diagnosis work-up and typing
- Red-flags for early diagnosis
- New prognostic markers
- Cytogenetics in AL amyloidosis
- Hematologic and organ response criteria
Nomenclature Committee Meeting
Recognizing and Treating Cardiac Amyloidosis
- Mechanisms and pattern of cardiac deposition in amyloidosis
- Recognition and diagnosis of ATTR cardiomyopathy
- Treatment of ATTR cardiomyopathy
ATTR amyloidosis: Genetics and Basic Science
- Molecular mechanisms of ATTR amyloidosis
- Genetic signatures associated with hereditary ATTR amyloidosis
- Factors involved in increased susceptibility to TTR amyloidogenesis
- Transition of wild-type ATTR amyloidosis