E-meeting access


To connect to the live event via the Streaming platform, please follow the instructions below:

– You need to connect from a PC/TABLET/SMARTPHONE with an Internet connection and speakers. It is not necessary to have a webcam.

– It is preferable using cable connection rather than Wifi connection as it is a constant video stream and any interference may cause interruptions.

– Although the platform is compatible with all web browsers, we recommend the use of Chrome.

– Once you access the URL you will have to enter your username (e-mail). You must read and accept the terms of use.

– The content of the symposium will be available on the webpage after the meeting. We will send you an email to inform you once it is ready.

– In case you need assistance during the streaming, please contact Doctaforum support staff at:
+351 912 417 887
+34 699 198 717