Dr. Luís Costa
Hospital de Santa Maria, Lisbon, Portugal


Dear Colleagues

We cordially invite you to participate in the Innovation in Breast Cancer symposium – Lisbon edition, to be held online on October 14 and 15, 2021.

This exciting program, consisting of a mix between formal presentations and roundtable discussions, is set to achieve close interaction among participants and speakers. Most sessions will be followed by a 30-minute discussion with experts about the most important issues regarding each topic. Questions can be sent via chat to the chair of the session.

The program intends to provide the most recent information on breast cancer, achieving a balance of clinical, translational, and basic research and providing a forum for interaction, communication, and education for health professionals and investigators with a special interest in breast cancer. During the meeting we hope you will be able to feel the excitement that currently surrounds basic and clinical breast cancer research.

We invite you to be a part of this thought-provoking event, figure out how your colleagues handle difficult situations and seek out answers to open questions, or feel free to just enjoy the vast amount of information that will be provided during this two-day event.

We hope you will participate in the forthcoming Innovation in Breast Cancer symposium – Lisbon edition and above all, that you will feel that it was highly informative and helpful for your clinical practice.

Luís Costa,
Director of the meeting