Help us

We have put a lot of enthusiasm in reaching out to many people in organizing this meeting.

As you know, registration for this symposium is free and it is difficult to cover the budget.

Could you help us with your CONTRIBUTION?

If we were to make a profit, it would go to the perinatal palliative care program CUN accompanies you.

We appreciate your collaboration for the development of this symposium.



Through Bizum
From the “Make Donation/Send Donation” option, enter this code:

Bank transfer
You can collaborate in a simple way by making a one-time transfer to the following account number indicating “SIMPOSIO RNF”:
ES39 0049 1821 0821 1065 1029



If you want to deduct your donation, it is essential that you send us the following information to the email address madridcuncontab@unav.es or include this information when making the transfer or bizum:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • ID/Passport number
  • Full address