Sexuality is a wonderful quality of every human being that permeates the whole person as a whole. Every one of us, in each singular circumstance, has been created sexed. The most legitimate use of this quality produces a liberating effect in men and women that translates into the same capacity to relate, love others and procreate. During the last decades, we have witnessed the evolution of utilitarian or hedonistic thinking in our society that centers sexuality outside of any capacity for self-giving. The personalist perspective of all these profound aspects – based on Christian anthropology-, proposes a much broader vision, framing sexuality as the gift of the entire human being, relying on the concept of respect for one’s own body as a constitutive part of each person. Natural Fertility Awareness (NFA) is a self-awareness tool that adjusts precisely to this perspective, allowing a couple’s more profound sense of sexuality development. In this way, the woman can recognize her fertility window through her own body and thus will be able to adjust her relationships in specific circumstances of the search for pregnancy or in those cases that need to distance it for reasons relevant for the couple. At the same time, the awareness of natural fertility underlines the value of temporary continence within the relationship as an opportunity that enriches both, unites them more, and prepares the moment of union. Therefore, there is a clear need for education on this subject. It must be from the University where this training is carried out, also showing the scientific evidence that highlights the value of NFA as an effective means of understanding sexual union in its original sense and a way to find or distance pregnancy in specific situations. On the other hand, the post-pandemic crisis makes the question on the generation of life more acute: why and how to generate? The unity of love and fertility emerges as the only guarantee to face this challenge with hope. The documents of the Catholic Church Humanae Vitae and Donum Vitae indicate this direction. The meeting will explore this issue from an anthropological, pedagogical, and scientific point of view to address this question: How does a medicine that places itself at the service of hope address the question of sexuality and fertility?


The main objective of the symposium is to share and deepen the knowledge of the anthropological, affective and, biological dimensions of the Natural Fertility Awareness (NFA) as an instrument of a much broader reality framed in the Theology of the Body, the integral anthropology of the human being as a person.

Aimed at:

  • Gynecologists.
  • General practitioners and specialists with an interest in fertility issues.
  • Nurses.
  • Midwives.
  • Health professionals.
  • Teachers in secondary and high schools.
  • Chaplains and trainers of young people.
  • Anyone interested in receiving training in person-centred sexuality and Natural Fertility Awareness.

Dr. Luis Chiva. Department of Gynecology. Universidad de Navarra. Spain

Dr. José Antonio Arraztoa. Department of Gynecology. Universidad de los Andes. Chile

Dr. Jose Granados. Veritas Amoris Project. Madrid. Spain