Video call for Abstracts

General rules:

– At least one of the authors of each video must be registered in the meeting.

– The presenting author of the video must attend the meeting in person to present their video.

Indications for video submission:

Surgical videos must be submitted to the Meeting Secretariat (laura_arranz@doctaforum.com) before April 1st, 2022, according to the following requirements:

– The cover sheet must include:

      • A short descriptive title.

      • Complete name of authors and affiliations. Contact email.

      • 50-word text description of the contents of the video.

– Videos cannot exceed 10 minutes in duration.

– Videos must have descriptive sound. No music is allowed.

– Videos must be at regular speed.

– Videos must be submitted in .Mp4, .AVI or .MOV formats.

– Videos must be free of commercial or product bias.

We encourage submissions of videos through “WeTransfer” or “Dropbox”, they allow sending files up to 2 GB.


There will be 4 selected videos awarded a complimentary in-person Registration for this meeting for the presenting author.

The selected video will be shown during the Surgical video Session scheduled on May 20th. Authors will be notified by email on April 10th since they will have to introduce the video in person during the Video Session.

Terms of confidentiality:

All information and materials collected for this event will not be used for any non-academic purpose.

By submitting a video, the corresponding author/s confirm that they have received consent in writing from each patient recorded on the submitted video. Ideally, patients should not be identifiable in these videos.