“I followed a naturopathic diet that interfered with chemotherapy”

At the end of the last chemotherapy session due to breast cancer, Isabel Vaquero “escaped”: “Now, go home and take the turmeric and the rest of the diet.” “The face of the oncologist changed. ‘Do you know that that inhibits the treatment?’ He said. Everything collapsed. ” “Overall, I followed a naturopathic diet that interfered with chemotherapy.”

He tells it “half ashamed”. “They’re going to think I’m dumb,” he reflects almost half a year after that. Like many oncology patients (and of any other illness), Vaquero, a 45-year-old from Zaragoza, went to the Internet when he was told that he had “triple A, the worst” breast cancer. “I wanted to help with my healing”, is justified. So ended in the consultation of a naturist nutritionist for 50 euros the visit gave him a strict regime “full of things with names that I do not remember.” Apart from the turmeric -publicized in the nets with almost miraculous properties-, he also made the diet of the lemon (to drink the juice of one every morning). “To me, I’ve always had problems with digestion, I destroyed my stomach,” he tells by phone.

The antioxidants of turmeric interfere in the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs if they consume more than two grams a day, says the medical oncologist and spokesperson of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) Paula Jiménez Fonseca, who adds that there is no evidence scientific that this food alter the treatment if less amount is ingested.