The new strategy that corners the deadliest cancer

The lung cancer is not only one of the cancers with the highest incidence. It is the most deadly of all, equivalent to the sum of the deaths caused by colon and breast. Only 15% of those affected manage to survive after five years. However, in the midst of this devastating scenario, immunotherapy shows an increasingly hopeful role and there are Spanish initiatives recently presented at international congresses in which remissions of the tumor are observed in up to 80% of advanced patients with a combination of chemo and immunotherapy before surgery.

Although the latter are “still initial results, the high rates of complete pathological responses observed are unprecedented at this stage, they have never before been seen and are very promising,” explains Mariano Provencio, president of the Spanish Lung Cancer Group (GECP). . This work, which involves 25 hospitals in Spain, has been presented this year both at the 54th Meeting of the American Association of Medical Oncology (ASCO) and at the World Congress on this pathology held in October in Toronto.